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Ellen Friedberg owner of Cats prefur Home cat sitting service Stockport Ellen Friedberg – After my parents emigrated to South Africa from the UK, I grew up on a small holding. This introduced me to a multitude of different animals from cattle & horses to tortoises, cats & dogs. Being involved actively in the local SPCA from 15 yrs of age fuelled my passion for animals, particularly cats. I’ve gained hands on knowledge of working with feral cats, when I was employed as a Feral Cat Controller. I gained valuable hands on experience whilst working in a veterinary practise for a few years. Since returning to the UK in 2003, I’ve worked in a veterinary practise and qualified as a Veterinary Assistant.
Rescued Maine Coon cat happily sitting in chair Office Assistant - Frazercoonz Tigger known as Sasha for short, rescued Maine Coon – Sasha has been with us since 2006. She’s a gorgeous but moody lady, who’s used to getting what she wants!
Rescue cat curled up asleep on the bed Office Manager - Thomas rescued moggy – We adopted Thomas as a 12week old kitten from our local animal shelter in 2004, he’s heading towards his senior years but remains as feisty as ever.  He’s certainly the boss of the house!

­­My rescued Maine Coon cat Sasha scooping up her food and water with ­her paws. Her favourite game is to drop kibbles into the water bowl and­ then pat around in the water trying to scoop them ­out!­
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