To keep both you and us safe, we have implemented the following COVID Secure Guidelines. These are in-place according to the Government advice and advice from CFSG (Canine & Feline Sector Group). If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Before your Holiday

Virtual Meetings.png

If you prefer introductory meetings can take place online via WhatsApp, FaceTime or Signal.

Contacless Key Drop:Collection.png

We will be running a contactless key pick up/drop off service. You can choose between either services when booking.

During your Holiday

Wearing Gloves.png

We will be wearing gloves at each visit. These gloves will be responsibly disposed of after every visit, and a new pair will be used at each house.

Sanitizing Surfaces.png

We will sanitise all surfaces that we touch with anti-bacterial spray and kitchen roll.

Hand Washing.png

We will be using hand sanitiser before and after each visit.

After your Holiday

Contacless Key Drop:Collection.png

When you arrive home, we will arrange a day and time at which we will drop your keys through the letter box. The keys will be thoroughly sanitised and put in a sealed envelope.